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Tax Advice and Litigation

Assisting our clients in tax planning to provide them with a competitive advantage in their market through the adoption of efficient tax practices aimed at incrementing the company’s results in strict compliance with constitutional and legal provisions.
Advice on planning new transactions, including the formation and dissolution of companies, mergers, acquisitions and corporate restructurings, domestically and internationally.
Management of good tax standing by continuously monitoring administrative proceedings that may prevent the issuance of tax debt clearance certificates, as well as by taking steps towards decreasing or suspending tax liabilities.
Identification of tax credits and benefits regarding export transactions, as well as accrued credits and ICMS (Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services) credit balance; credits of PIS (Employees’ Profit Participation Program) and COFINS (Tax for Social Security Financing) (non-cumulativeness and differentiated regimes); credits over intermediary products; IPI (Industrialized Product Tax) presumed credits.
Tax reviews in general, such as: review of tax assessments (IRPJ - Corporate Income Tax; PIS/COFINS; IPI/ICMS/ISS - Tax on Services; contributions do INSS - the National Institute of Social Security); review of customs procedures; classification of taxes; customs valuation; special
customs regime and temporary reduction in import duties; review of transfer pricing; review of tax treatment of commercial credits.
Defense of client’s interest in administrative proceedings (Federal, State and local). Administrative consultations and special regimes. Monitoring of inspections.
Defense of client’s interest in judicial litigation involving contingent assets and liabilities, urgent measures (obtaining certificates, releasing goods, etc.), dismissal of undue actions in audits (periods barred by statutes of limitation or that have already been audited and special regimes on authority’s own initiative).
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